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Shot Breakdown

image for shot 01 cic003
Cicada Princess – Tree shot
Compositing in Nuke, roto and paint work in Silhouette. FG and BG tree bug roto, paint work to remove rig shadows on legs, rig removal, shadow replacement.

image for shot 02 cic008
Cicada Princess – Princess shot
Did ~1/4 of the roto in Silhouette to extract the bugs. All Nuke compositing, color correction and integration work. Replacement shadows are CG.

Concert Phone Push-In
FG people rotoscoped, camera move created in Nuke’s 3D system using projections onto simple geometry built in Maya. Phone screen replaced using point-tracked corner pin.

Hanging Signs
Scene matchmoved in Nuke, floor created in Modo, integrated with 3D projection in Nuke. Replaced wires the signs are hanging from, and contents of front sign using cards placed in Nuke’s 3D system.

Video Conference
Shot matchmoved in Syntheyes, screens are cards in Nuke’s 3D system.

The Trouble with Unicorns
Chroma key compositing in Nuke. Sky animation is extended bicubics warping on 3d card.

Priest Stereo-Conversion Roto
Roto in Nuke.

Stop Motion Paper
Rig removal using paint tools in Nuke.

Wine Bottle Removal
Cleanup using roto, paint, and planar tracking tools in Nuke.

Crash Phone
Screen replaced using corner pin point track. Camera move at end created in Nuke’s 3D system.

Hand Roto
Roto and compositing in Nuke.

Mongoose Walk
Matchmove in PFTrack, scene layout in Maya, composited using 3D projections in Nuke.

Phone Call From Mom
Screen replacement in Nuke, hand-tracked corner-pin and chroma-key extraction.