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Long Time Passing

Long-time-passing by jedypod This is a piece of music written by family friend David Lamb in memorial of the death of my mother’s father. It is played by my grandmother (violin) and her brother Greg (piano), who is now also passed away. Hearing it again reminds me that life is short. I have not been […]

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Efterklang Fueled Exposition on the State of Electronic Music

Efterklang is an inspiring and amazing band who I first started listening to in 2005. They are from Denmark, and play a fascinating breed of music which blends folk, indie rock, electronic, and their own unique musical sauce into a compelling style of brilliantly dynamic, emotive, and beautiful compositions. I was fortunate enough to see […]

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Roto Tutorial #2

Up until this point in time, I have only created one “screencast” video tutorial on this blog. I have really been meaning to create some more of these type of tutorial videos, because they not only help me in my ability to communicate effectively and teach effectively, but they might actually be interesting to some […]

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Elsiane Live at the Showbox SODO in Seattle on 2008-09-13

I first heard Elsiane after discovering them on the Secret Music Box blog back in February 2008. I was immediately surprised and intrigued, and was soon infatuated with their unique sound, reminiscent of Trip-hop, with the organic addition of real drums, and beautiful, emotional, and complex vocal melodies that weaves through the arrangement of the […]

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2008 Tacoma Fireworks

I had the good fortune to have the best 4th of July evar. I always wondered what was missing from my 4th of July celebration experience, and it turned out the answer was . . . very large explosives. By a stroke of luck I was able to help set up the 2008 fireworks finale […]

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